December 01, 2007

dec 1 2007

waves ~ diana kiss (theme)
it's summertime ~ the jamies
summertime ~ ricky nelson
hey baby ~ bruce channel
we belong together ~ robert & johnny
i am bewildered ~ richard berry
stuff up the cracks ~ ruben & the jets aka frank zappa

looking for a quiet place/don't change your heart ~ garnet mimms
worry ~ roscoe gordon
workhouse blues ~ mattie may thomas
black sheep blues ~ pigmeat terry
lord help the poor & needy ~ jesse mae hemphill
dodo blues ~ CW stoneking

ooh ee darling/black pony blues/give me a 32-20/mercy blues/she's just caldonia/mean old santa fe/behind closed doors/she ain't nothing but trouble ~ arthur big boy crudup
howling for my darling ~ howlin' wolf
mess around ~ richard berry
my baby 3D ~ the dominoes
dear one ~ larry finnegan

bedside of a neighbor ~ the royal sons quintet
don't change your heart ~ garnet mimms
he'll fix it ~ the mcdonald sisters
i believe ~ the silver gates quartet
i've got to make it in ~ the fabulous goldentones

track 8 (movin' on (?) ~ the meru vibe
ooh ee darling ~ arthur big boy crudup


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