November 24, 2007

nov 27 2007

bhatiyali ~ jolly mukherjee & the madras cinematic orchestra (theme)
green ~ ken nordine
11-22-1963 ~ brother henderson
it ain't fair ~ aretha franklin
you can make it if you try ~ gene allison
so glad you're mine ~ arthur 'big boy' crudup
those lonely, lonely nights ~ earl king
when it rains it really pours ~ billy 'the kid' emerson

dr feelgood ~ aretha franklin
just a little bit ~ roscoe gordon
gangster of love ~ johnny 'guitar' watson
everybody's carried away ~ earl king
ain't got no home ~ clarence 'frogman' henry
a certain girl ~ ernie k doe
let the good times roll ~ shirley & lee

darling honey angel child/c'mon ~ earl king
river's invitation ~ aretha franklin
don't drive me away ~ unknown
i believe ~ the silver gates quartet
holy ghost got me ~ the swanee quintet

hard head ~ louis jordan
the shiek of araby ~ the colts
root beer ~ the three bits of rhythm
cement mixer ~ the orlons
rice crispies ad ~ the rolling stones
keep on churnin' ~ wynonie harris
i'm such a hungry man ~ louis jordan

south of the border ~ dr john
down the road ~ roland stone
roamin'titis ~ eddie bo
thread the needle ~ clarence carter
i'm gone ~ shirley & lee
it ain't fair ~ aretha franklin
henry the great ~ jackie mittoo


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