July 19, 2008

july 19 2008

thurs july 24 (update)

tim b from the board rang me re the need to maintain some sort of presenter stability while i'm away, esp as the radiothon is coming up at the end of august...

i agreed to put the scheduling in the hands of the programming committee & to renew negotiations after "a couple of months"..

i'm also questioning my motivation, especially the desire to be noticed, recognized...i.e what drives a volunteer..??...ego..??...hey, i've lost my mojo...been there, done that...

"andrew K is presenting the program again today while i take a break...after 14 years, i'm burnt out...& tired of presenting the same old playlist...

trying to turn up new product as good as, say, the best of louis jordan, james brown, eddie harris, otis redding, al green, curtis mayfield, marvin gaye, ray charles, donny hathaway, stevie wonder, smokey robinson, ronnie isley, bobby womack, pops staples, howlin' wolf & robert johnson has also proved a major problem....& that's just the brothers.. it's like panning for gold...so much time wasted for such meagre returns...

i'm also wondering how many people are really listening, as most of the hits to this site come from outside australia..."(click images for detail)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I live down the road and I just found your programme and I listen. What you are doing is important. And you won't get as good as Sam Cooke and Albert Collins and the Blind Boys again, but that's all the more reason to play them. People have to hear them. otehrwise people grow up thinking black music is rap and nothing else.

And Southern Gospel is simply the best music in the world.

9:47 am  

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