September 08, 2007

sept 8 2007

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spooky ~ the dave pike set (theme)
spring ~ birdlegs & pauline

dreamer/tangerine ~ eliane elias
death by chocolate ~ de phazz
foreign affair ~ nessa morgan
the gift ~ eydie gorme
nature boy ~ bobby darin

little boat ~ karryn allison
agua de beber ~ walter wanderley
dansero ~ eydie gorme
crickets sing for anamaria ~ walter wanderley
sweet talk ~ eydie gorme
wave ~ talya ferro w/ walter wanderley

how great thou art ~ billy preston
battlefield ~shirley caesar & the young people's choir of the institutional church of god in christ
i want to shout at the meeting ~ the manning family
i know i've been changed ~ susannah espie/ian collard from live-to-air archive/the dixie hummingbirds/the staple singers
let it alone ~ the dixie hummingbirds
testimony ~ mary jo young

jesus is all/will the lord remember me ~ the staple singers
holy ghost got me ~ the swanee quintet
i've got to make it in ~ the fabulous goldentones


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