April 08, 2009

mickey baker

mickey baker is often dismissed as one half of the 'one hit wonder' duo mickey & sylvia who hit with 'love is strange' in 1956, but his story, including his prolific session calls, could fill a book...

cop his sensational guitar chops on 'rock & roll', an aptly titled LP produced by quincy jones in 1957 for louis jordan..


in 1998 australia post issued a special edition set of twelve stamps celebrating the early years of australian rock 'n' roll, featuring australian hit songs of the late 50s, the 60s and the early 70s.

"each of them told the rest of the world this is what popular culture sounds like, and it has an australian accent."

true, but misleading...

one of the stamps referenced col joye's 'oh yeah uh huh', a cover of an obscure mickey & sylvia B side

darling (i miss you so) ~ mickey & sylvia

lucille ~ the everly brothers

comprendre par l'observation via the houndblog, colorradio, & wiki


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