October 11, 2008

oct 11 2008

mornin' train ~ julius & marge cheeks & the four knights

bonus mp3: what you told me to do ~ julius cheeks & the four knights

who is leon ware?

he cut two versions of 'body heat'...the first one came out in 1974 as the title track of a quincy jones soul album....featuring ware singing, & (according to AMG) billy preston, grady tate, herbie handcock, wah wah watson (g) & minnie riperton...it's redolent of the early funk sound...wah wah guitar/analogue synth/horns/bubble bass/organ...

the other version came out in 1975 on his own LP called 'musical massage' (!)...the one with the silly sexy cover...this version has ray parker jnr on guitar & again, to quote from AMG, " bassist Chuck Rainey set(ting) a groove for Bongo Brown, Gary Coleman, and Bobbye Hall's percussion orgy"...




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